Monday, December 13, 2010

Final semester (Semester 8)

Praise only to Allah

One day of new semester already gone..some said “bertahan!”, other said “hanya sedikit waktu lagi.” They said “all of the pain will be gone soon..” . What come into my heart, how is the real life outside? Will I get what I’m get here? Am I can be tough to face the challenges soon?let everything to Him..because He knows the best for me..=)

Feeling like time goes too faster..Now, life as a student will come to the end. What I got here is too much! Teach me about life, teach me to be loved, teach me to love others, teach me to understand, teach me to be brave, teach me to be independent, teach me to give..soo many things I learned. I couldn’t imagine if Allah not chooses me to be here, where I’m? Praise only to Him..

It is true, hanya sedikit waktu lagi…with many dreams that still not realized yet..i need to work hard! Work till the end!

“Ya Allah permudahkan segalanya..”

"Mencari redha Allah.."

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