Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Sometimes, what happened in reality is not so difficult like what we think..yes, its proven!
moving into CCU in PPUKM..make some people feeling "temporary" cardiac arrythmias..palpitation, diaphoresis, and cannot think well due to increase level of epinephrine.. but truly,its NOT so "scary" as what people "doktrin" it.

Yes, ia menakutkan when we do not have good support system, tetapi, jika kita miliki good support system (which include, CI yang knowledgeable, staffs yang friendly, doctors who like to teach and supporting posting mate)..all the difficulties will be gone.

~'Ala kulli Hal..Alhamdulillah..Thanks GOD !"
~ "yes, it can be everything with GOD will!" (Sr.Judy, 2011)~

"Wish  happy learning to me myself and all my friends" ~  learn to be what HIM want me to be..~

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