Friday, March 5, 2010

kesian Mak cik...

I still didn’t know what should I do. Sometimes I’m lingering around searching for something that I can do. What happened on Emergency department (ED) was out of my expectation(might be in Temerloh only).I imagined, ED should be hectic and busy..However, It happened otherwise especially in the morning. I could see all the Doctors can “lepak” in the counter with happy discussion..hmmmm….

Usually around 11am, there were some cases admitted and there I should take immediate vital sign.

If others asked me what the most event that touched my heart happened in ED, the only thing I remembered was “mck” friend, Siti called me to help her change “mck’s “ linen because she PU on the bed. I approached her with hope I can finish the job quickly because I targeted to do venapuncture to one of the patient.

Looking at her, I expected she was around 70’s year old..she cannot see very well and her hygiene looked one of the relatives accompanied her even though she was very restless. “mck, kita tukar kain ya..mck kencing ni…” i asked her permission.

The first action I could see was she cry… “mck, kenape nak tukar kain je…” I couldn’t understand why she reacted like that. “nak..mck malu..tua-tua mcm ni kencing merata-rata..” she answered and I could see tear coming out from her eyes..

“tak pe tolong mck ya…”….even though she cannot see very well she thank us for helping..

Susah saya mahu gambarkan kenapa hati saya tersentuh dengan tangisan mck tadi..mungkin hati-hati yang membaca tulisan ini akan merasai apa yang saya rasai..dengan izin Allah.

Hidup ini terjadi sometimes bukan seperti apa yang kita hendakkan..ia terjadi dengan kehendak Allah semata. Ya, dihari tua kita mengharapkan anak-anak kita akan menjaga kita dengan penuh kasih sayang sebagaimana suatu masa dahulu kita melahirkan dan membesarkan dengan penuh limpahan kasih sayang..tetapi, banyak kisah kehidupan yang kita lewati dalam hidup ini berbeza sekali dari apa yang diharapkan..Itulah yang terjadi pada mck tadi..

Life always teach us to be more adult..
May Allah bless her..

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